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Addlly AI LinkedIn Post Generator lets you create and optimize engaging Facebook social media posts instantly! Choose from three easy methods: Provide a description, insert your reference link, or upload your PDF.

Our AI will then generate tailored content, images, hashtags, and calls-to-action – all aligned with your brand’s unique voice and audience.

How Addlly AI LinkedIn Post Generator Works

Effortlessly create social media posts in English or Bahasa Indonesia in just a few clicks!

Why Use Addlly AI LinkedIn Post Generator

SEO Best Practices

Addlly.AI's content generation algorithms are built on a deep understanding of SEO best practices, including keyword research, content structure and formatting, on-page optimization, and a focus on content quality and relevance.

Multiple LLMs

We don't rely on a single language model. Addlly harnesses the combined power of multiple state-of-the-art LLMs like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Claude. This gives you access to the best AI capabilities for your content needs.

Real-Time Keyword Research

While other AI writers are limited by their training data cutoff, Addlly provides real-time keyword volume, CPC and trending hashtags. This ensures your content stays current, relevant, and optimized for the latest search insights.

All-in-one Marketing Suite

With Addlly, you get more than just blog posts. Our AI can generate social media captions, ad copies, meta titles, meta descriptions, FAQ schema markups, and more – all optimized for your target keywords and audience.

Integrated Fact-Checking

Addlly's fact-checking capabilities ensure the accuracy and reliability of your AI-generated content. We provide source links for all factual claims, allowing you to verify the information and build trust with your audience.

Multilingual Support

In addition to English and Bahasa Indonesia, Addlly will soon support content generation in Mandarin, Malay, Thai and more, catering to diverse audiences across multiple regions and languages.

Who Should Use AI LinkedIn Post Writer

  • Social Media Managers
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • LinkedIn Content Creators
  • Influencers and Content Creators
  • Ecommerce Businesses
  • Bloggers and Online Publishers
  • LinkedIn Ad Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Marketing Agencies

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Frequently Asked Questions

The LinkedIn Post Generator by Addlly AI is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to create compelling and engaging LinkedIn posts. It simplifies the content creation process, making it easy for anyone to generate high-quality social media content in just a few clicks.
The use cases for an AI LinkedIn post generator include personal branding by helping individuals curate a consistent, professional online presence on LinkedIn, business/corporate use by enabling companies to streamline their LinkedIn marketing efforts, influencer marketing by allowing brands to create content for LinkedIn influencers they partner with, lead generation by driving more traffic, engagement, and leads from a LinkedIn presence, and time savings by automating the content creation process rather than manually creating each post.
With Addlly AI, you can choose the tone of your LinkedIn posts to match your brand’s voice and your audience’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for something professional, casual, humorous, or inspirational, our tool can adapt to suit your specific needs.

Yes, Addlly AI offers a free version of its LinkedIn Post Generator, allowing users to explore its basic features. New users get 3 free credits to try our tool. There are also premium options available for more advanced features and greater customization.

With the free version of Addlly AI’s tool, you can generate up to 3 posts. However, our premium plans offer more flexibility and higher limits to accommodate your social media needs.

Absolutely! After generating a post with Addlly AI, you have the freedom to edit and tweak the content to ensure it perfectly aligns with your brand and message before sharing it on your LinkedIn page.

Yes, Addlly AI’s LinkedIn Post Generator supports Bahasa Indonesia, allowing you to connect with a diverse audience.

Yes, the content created by Addlly AI’s tool is original. The AI algorithms generate unique and engaging posts, ensuring your content is fresh and not duplicated from existing sources.

You can use Addlly AI’s LinkedIn Post Generator to create a variety of posts for your business – from promotional content and product announcements, to engaging stories and interactive posts, helping you enhance your online presence and engage with your audience effectively.

Yes, you can use Addlly AI to create content for other social media platforms as well. You can create content for platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.