Kino Indonesia: Case Study

Achieved a 49.8% increase in new user acquisition within just one month.


Based on GA4 data, Kino received a 49.8% increase in new users when comparing the previous month (April 2024) to the current month (May 2024).

Kino GA4 Users 30:03:-30:04: vs 01:05:-01:06

The percentage increase in total clicks is approximately 552.92%, and the percentage increase in total impressions is approximately 356.76%.

Kino search console 3003 3004 vs 0105 0106

Blogs created and SEO-optimized with Addlly AI writing tools ranked as featured snippets on the first page of Google in one day.


PT Kino Indonesia Tbk is a leading consumer goods company in Indonesia, founded in 1991 by Harry Sanusi. The company has grown from a small distribution business to a major player in the FMCG industry, manufacturing and marketing a diverse portfolio of 33 brands across personal care, beverages, food, and pharmaceuticals categories.


The website mainly ranked for brand-specific keywords, limiting its visibility and potential to attract a broader audience.

To address this, we need to expand the keyword strategy to include non-branded, generic, and long-tail keywords.

This approach involves creating blogs and optimizing around keywords that relates to Kino’s brands such as cara mengatasi panas dalam (how to overcome internal heat), obat panas dalam anak (medicine for fever in children), manfaat jus apel (benefits of apple juice).

Solution With Addlly AI

To address these challenges, Addlly AI implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focusing on increasing organic traffic by 10% each month and building keyword authority. The project ran from April 4 to May 31, 2024, and included the following key components:

  • Full Website Audit:
    • A thorough analysis of was conducted to identify areas for improvement in terms of technical SEO, content quality, and user experience.
  • Content Strategy:
    • The first phase focused on identifying articles with low click-through rates (CTRs) but high impressions. This involved rewriting content to make it more SEO-friendly and relevant to the target audience.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization:
    • Best practices for on-page SEO were implemented across the website, including:
      • Adding meta titles and descriptions to improve search engine visibility and click-through rates
      • Including alt text for images to enhance accessibility and provide context for search engines
      • Implementing internal linking strategies to improve website structure

We’re particularly impressed by how quickly Addlly’s AI-optimized blog posts ranked as featured snippets on Google.

Addlly AI has truly transformed Kino’s digital presence, helping them reach a much wider audience and achieve our project’s KPIs.

PT Konten Emiten Indonesia,
Partner Agency for Kino

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