Jan & Elly: Case Study

Achieved first page ranking for high-performing keywords in one month.


Jan & Elly’s traffic has increased by 7.19% compared to last month.

jan-elly.com Traffic & Engagement Analysis

Using our 1-Click Blog Writer and SEO Blog Co-Pilot, we wrote several pieces around key topics like phonics, english skills, creative writing and more. In less than a month, Jan & Elly achieved first page ranking for some of their blogs on Google Search:

Data as of 21 June 2024.


Jan & Elly is an English enrichment center in Singapore, focusing on helping children improve their English skills through engaging and interactive programs.

They offer a range of classes designed to boost reading, writing, and speaking abilities in a fun and supportive environment.


Jan and Elly’s website only showed up for searches with their brand name or similar terms. This limits who can find their site since people not familiar with the brand likely won’t find it from search results.

To fix this, we need to expand their keyword strategy to include more non-branded, general, and long-tail keywords. They can do this effectively by creating and optimizing blog content targeting specific topics like phonics, English lessons, PSLE English, creative writing for kids, and other related areas.

Solution With Addlly AI

Under the IMDA Gen AI Sandbox Program, Addlly developed a content marketing proposal aimed at boosting Jan & Elly’s online presence, and establishing the company as a leading authority in the English language school and education sector.

We researched important keywords for their services by looking at search volumes, competitors, and relevance. These keywords were central to the strategy, helping Jan & Elly’s blog posts reach potential new students in Singapore.

Addlly.AI has greatly enhanced our content marketing efforts at Jan & Elly. We have been able to publish SEO-optimised blogs and as a result our search rankings have significantly improved.

Addlly AI’s SEO best practices training has also provided our team with insightful tips and strategies to keep improving our online visibility.

Elly Leong
Founder and Director at Jan & Elly

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