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With Addlly AI, crafting compelling articles, social media posts, and ad copy becomes a breeze. Spend less time wrestling with words and more time scaling your startup.

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Addlly AI Among Elite 13 Selected for IMDA and EnterpriseSG’s
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Why Choose Addlly AI For Growing Your Startup?

Innovative AI Technology

Get access to multiple AI models for content that captivates and converts.

SEO Mastery

Boost your online presence with content optimized for both your audience and search engines.

Tailored Brand Voice

Maintain the authenticity of your brand across all digital platforms with content that speaks in your unique voice.

Data-Driven Insights

Stay ahead of trends with real-time data analysis, ensuring your content is always relevant and engaging.

Grant Support Advantage

Leverage Singapore's Gen AI Sandbox initiative to transform your content strategy with Addlly AI at a subsidized cost.

Supercharge Your Startup Digital Content with Addlly AI

Improve your website and social media with content that people love and Google notices. Addlly AI helps you easily create articles, social media posts, and ad copy that stand out. With us, you spend less time on content creation and more on growing your business.

Our Process

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Our digital experts will engage with your business to identify and understand your unique content marketing goals and KPIs to tailor our services to your business needs.

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Grant Application

Use our quote to apply for the Gen AI Sandbox Grant on the IMDA CTO as a Service Portal with your CorpPass.

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Content Creation & Training

Benefit from our monthly package of 4 SEO blogs, 12 social posts, Google ad copy, plus expert Gen AI training on Addlly AI tools for sustained success.

Master AI for Startup Growth with Addlly’s Gen AI Training

Kickstart your Gen AI journey with Addlly AI’s training program, tailored for start-ups involved in the EnterpriseSG-IMDA Gen AI Sandbox.

Our program is focused on providing you and your team with the latest techniques on how to fully leverage AI technology and enhance your digital marketing strategies for greater innovation and expansion.

Benefits of Signing Up for Startup Grant

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Hands-on Experience

Dive into the practical daily application of Addlly’s Gen AI tools, and learn how to create optimized content that elevates your brand’s digital presence.


Expert Guidance

Gain insights from Addlly experts and editors on best practices, ensuring you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and technology.

Productivity Boost

Leverage the power of Gen AI to effortlessly create engaging blogs and captivating social media posts in just minutes!

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead in the competitive digital marketplace by adopting Gen AI early, under the guidance of Addlly AI’s specialists.

Take Advantage of the Limited Time Offer Now

With the support of Singapore’s EnterpriseSG-IMDA Gen AI Sandbox, there’s never been a better time for start-ups like yours to invest in AI-driven content creation.

This offer is only valid till May 6, 2024.

Addlly AI is here to help you navigate the grant application process, ensuring that your business can benefit from the latest in AI technology with minimal investment.

We’ll Be Your Most Powerful Startup Marketing Assistant

Discover what our users are saying about our AI Writer

I can confidently say that the Addlly.Ai has been an absolute game-changer for me! It has saved me countless hours of researching topics and gathering information from various sources. With this tool, I can easily consolidate all my ideas and thoughts into one well-written and relevant SEO-optimised article that is up-to-date with the latest insights. It's truly a lifesaver, especially for someone like me who is constantly pressed for time to generate weekly content. I can now focus on other aspects of my business knowing that I have a reliable partner to help me with my content needs. Thank you for this incredible tool!
Madeleine Beck
Partner & Chief of Staff At Credilinq
Boutique technology firms like ours have a limited bandwidth to create content, but Addlly Al Smart Writer fully satisfies our requirements. It's the perfect platform to craft a personalised, search engine optimised outreach campaign. We can reach a much wider audience for the perfect price point.
Abhijeet Kulkarni
CEO & Founder of Appistoki group
Addlly Al has been a good resource for my marketing team at Send helper. The writing tool is very easy to use with enormous cost saving potential. We use it to produce content for growing our marketing outreach without compromising quality.
Bogdan M
Founder & COO of Sendhelper


The program is open to all SMEs involved in the IMDA Gen AI Sandbox, with additional criteria for grant eligibility. Client must fulfil the “Participating Criteria” below

(a) is ACRA-registered, taxable, and operating in Singapore;
(b) has at least 30% of its ordinary shares held directly or indirectly by Singapore citizens / Singapore PRs; and
(c) must either have group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million, or group employment size of not more than 200 employees.

Addlly AI is an advanced Generative AI content creation platform that utilizes multiple artificial intelligence techniques to generate high-quality, engaging content for websites, blogs, social media, and more. It streamlines the content creation process, making it faster and more efficient, while ensuring the output is optimized for SEO and tailored to your brand’s voice.
In this program, Addlly AI will help you create –
● 4 SEO optimized Blogs and 10 Social Media Posts per month for a period of 3 months
● Provide Meta Titles for blogs, AI based images and Hashtags for social media posts, Google Ad copy
● Provide overall 4 hours of AI based marketing and content strategy training

SMEs can leverage the Generative AI Sandbox initiative to access Addlly AI’s technology with subsidies of 70%. This initiative aims to encourage SMEs to adopt AI solutions, enhancing their digital transformation journey and improving their competitive edge in the marketplace.

Yes. Addlly AI aligns with the goals of the IMDA’s Generative AI Sandbox by providing AI-driven solutions for content creation. SMEs interested in using Addlly AI can contact us HERE to check the specific eligibility criteria and application process outlined by IMDA to understand how they can integrate Addlly AI into their business with potential support from the program.

To apply for the Generative AI Sandbox for SMEs grant, contact us at or call us at 9152 8252.

SMEs participating in the program can expect comprehensive support from Addlly AI, including onboarding assistance, technical support, and guidance on maximizing the platform’s capabilities for content creation. Our team is committed to ensuring your success and making the most of the Generative AI Sandbox initiative.

Yes, Addlly AI is designed with SEO in mind. Our content creation tools incorporate SEO best practices and are informed by the latest trends and algorithms to help your content rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic to your site. We also provide additional support on content strategy and planning (at additional cost).

Addlly AI employs multiple AI models and real-time data analysis to create content that is not only unique, but also resonates with your brand’s voice and audience preferences. Our platform allows for customization and fine-tuning to ensure that each piece of content reflects your brand’s unique identity and meets your marketing goals.

Absolutely. Addlly AI’s technology is designed to adapt to various industries and niches by understanding the specific context and requirements of your business, ensuring the content generated is relevant and impactful.

Addlly AI utilizes a hybrid content creation model where initial drafts are generated by AI technology. These drafts are then refined by in-house expert editors, ensuring the final content is not only optimized for search engines but also polished to resonate deeply with human readers. Users benefit from content that is both technically sound and genuinely engaging, suitable for building strong connections with their audience. This service is available at an additional cost.

Participants will learn to create blogs, social media posts, google ad copy and AI images using Addlly AI tools to improve overall productivity using Gen AI, with a focus to align content marketing to your company’s business and growth focus.

While IMDA grants support eligible SMEs, there may be co-payment aspects. Details on costs and grant specifics will be provided upon application.

Click the sign-up link in to fill out a simple form. Or reach out to us at to begin the registration process. An Addlly AI team member will follow up with more information.

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