Press Release Quick Draft

Press Release Quick Draft

Press Release Quick Draft allows users to provide a brief description, insert a reference link, or upload a PDF file. Users can then select a press release type, enter details such as product name, features, launch date, and company information, choose keywords with CPC and volume data, and edit and preview the press release before finalizing and copying the content as needed.

How to Use the Press Release Quick Draft:

Step 1: Provide a Brief Description, Insert a Reference Link, or upload a PDF file

Start by giving a brief description of the topic you want to write about in one sentence. Alternatively, you can insert a reference link for the topic you’re interested in. If you have a PDF file that serves as a reference for the press release, you can upload it here.

Step 2: Choose Press Release Type and Enter Details

Select one of the 7 press release types available (e.g., product launch, partnership announcement, corporate event announcement, financial or earnings report, etc.) and language.

Then you’ll need to enter details such as the product name, its key features, unique benefits, target market, launch date, pricing, availability, company name, CEO’s name, and media contact information including name, email, phone number, website, and address.

Step 3: Select Keywords with CPC and Volume Data

This step involves selecting keywords relevant to your press release. It’s important to choose keywords that have a good cost-per-click (CPC) and high search volume to ensure your press release reaches a wider audience.

Step 4: Edit & Preview the Press Release

After generating the press release, you can edit and preview it. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments before finalizing the content. Once satisfied with the content, you can copy and paste it as needed.