Newsletter Builder

Newsletter Builder

Create a newsletter using by selecting a template, describing the topic, adding a call-to-action, providing source URLs, choosing a language, and optionally including a product showcase. Review, edit, and finalize the newsletter before copying the HTML code to integrate into your email marketing platform for distribution.

How to Use the Newsletter Builder:

Step 1: Select a Template

Start by selecting a pre-designed newsletter template that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

Step 2: Describe the Topic

Provide a brief description of the topic or content you want to include in your newsletter. This could be information about a recent company milestone, a product update, or any other relevant news you want to share with your subscribers.

Step 3: Add Call-to-Action

Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages your subscribers to engage with your content, such as “Read More” or “Shop Now.”

Step 4: Provide Source URLs

Enter up to three URLs that the Newsletter Builder can use to source information and content for your newsletter.

Step 5: Choose a Language

Select the language you want your newsletter to be written in. currently supports English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Mandarin.

Step 6: Include Product Showcase (Optional)

Indicate whether you would like to include a product showcase section in your newsletter, which can feature images of your latest offerings.

Step 7: Review and Edit

Once the newsletter content has been generated, use the intuitive editor to further customize the design, layout, and messaging to align with your brand’s voice and preferences. You can also choose to regenerate the newsletter up to three times if you’re not satisfied with the initial output.

Step 8: Finalize and Copy

When you’re satisfied with the newsletter, click the “Copy” button to copy the HTML code, which you can then integrate into your email marketing platform for distribution.