What is Addlly AI?

What Is Addlly AI

Addlly AI is a Singapore-based generative AI startup that specializes in creating personalized digital marketing content using advanced AI tools.

The company offers an all-in-one AI playground for enterprises to generate various types of marketing content, including SEO blogs, social media posts, ad copy, press releases, and newsletters.

Who Founded Addlly AI

Addlly AI was co-founded by Tina Chopra in 2023. Tina Chopra has over 13 years of experience in content creation, strategy, and management. She co-founded a content marketing agency, Script Consultants, which worked with leading brands like OCBC, Unilever, Grab, Citibank, and SingTel.

Tina also worked as a content strategist for Grab, where she was responsible for content creation and optimization for various products and platforms. As a former business journalist, Tina has written hundreds of articles for prestigious publications like Forbes, BBC, and The Economist, and has been interviewed as a subject matter expert on national radio.

When Was Addlly AI Launched

Addlly.ai was launched in March 2023.

Where Is Addlly AI Based

Addlly.ai is headquartered in Singapore, where the company was founded.

Why Was Addlly AI Created

Addlly.ai was created to address the common challenges faced by content creators, such as writer’s block, lack of topic ideas, and difficulty with SEO optimization. The platform aims to streamline the entire content creation workflow, from ideation to publication, to help businesses achieve better results from their marketing efforts.

About Addlly AI

Addlly AI Features

  • Zero-prompting environment: Users can produce high-quality content with minimal input, streamlining the content creation process.
  • AI SEO: 1-Click Blog Writer and SEO Blog Copilot generate engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content based on provided topics and keywords.
  • Multi-language support: Currently available in English, Mandarin, Indonesian, and Thai, with plans to expand to more languages.
  • Customization: Enterprises can get a custom-built AI Content Playground tailored to their specific needs.
  • Content length flexibility: Capable of generating both short-form and long-form content, with blog posts ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 words on average.

Addlly AI Tools

  • 1-Click Blog Writer: This tool allows users to create complete blog posts on any topic with just one click, eliminating the need for complex prompts and specific keywords.
  • SEO Blog Co-Pilot: This tool enables the generation of SEO-optimized blog posts, allowing users to design content around the most popular keywords and optimize for search engines.
  • Social Media Post Generator: This tool helps craft viral social media posts, incorporating real-time trends and allowing users to publish directly to their social accounts.
  • Newsletter Builder: The Newsletter Builder streamlines the entire newsletter creation process, from ideation to deployment, using AI-driven design and content generation.
  • Press Release Quick Draft: This tool empowers businesses to generate professional-grade press releases in a matter of minutes using AI-driven writing capabilities and industry-specific templates.
  • Image Gallery: A centralized hub for managing all the images generated or uploaded to the Addlly AI platform, allowing users to easily incorporate visuals into their content.

Addlly AI offers a freemium model with limited features and credits, as well as an enterprise plan for more extensive use. The pricing details, including any discounts for annual subscriptions, are also provided.

In comparison to other AI tools, Addlly AI stands out for its comprehensive suite of tools tailored for marketing content creation, focusing on SEO optimization, brand voice consistency, real-time data integration, and leveraging multiple AI models for superior results.


Addlly AI Wins Bronze at ASEAN Digital Awards 2024 for AI Writing Tool

Addlly AI has been awarded the Bronze Award in the Digital Content Category at the prestigious ASEAN Digital Awards 2024.

The ASEAN Digital Awards honor the most successful organizations, businesses, and individuals who have developed innovative products or services and made remarkable contributions to the region’s digital ecosystem.

Addlly AI’s inclusion as a Bronze winner in the Digital Content Category is a significant achievement, highlighting the platform’s ability to empower businesses to create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their target audience.


Addlly AI is part of the inaugural cohort of the Microsoft Gen AI Accelerator Program, which is a program designed to support startups in the Gen AI space.

The program, which lasts for 8 weeks, provides access to resources such as Microsoft’s Go-To-Market strategies and BLOCK71’s extensive regional network.

This inclusion in the program is a recognition of Addlly AI’s innovative approach to generative AI and its commitment to transforming content creation for enterprises.

For those looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts, Addlly AI provides a straightforward and powerful AI solution. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve your online presence or a marketing professional seeking to streamline your content creation process, Addlly AI’s tools are designed to meet your needs.

The next step for you is to explore Addlly AI’s platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to create content that not only engages your audience but also stands out in the crowded digital marketplace. With Addlly AI, you’re not just using a tool; you’re embracing a new era of digital marketing that’s smarter, more efficient, and more effective!


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